A-10 WARTHOG (Xtreme ARF Plus) – Shipping included


Introducing Skymaster’s Xtreme ARF Plus A-10
Fly Low!!! HIT HARD. Also known as the Tank Killer
We are proud to Bring you one of the Best A-10s out there to live the thrill of the Thunderbolt
Scaled down 1:7.75 retaining Great detail the Turbine powered A-10 streches at 2083mm length and spans out at 2245mm (88.4″).
Requires 13-15 servos and has a total of Dry Weight with of 13.5-14.5kgs. You can choose from 9 Different paint Schemes or order it with all white gelcoat ready to be painted by you

The Xtreme ARF Plus Combo includes scale Landing gear, Air Kit, Fuel Tanks, Tailpipes, Gear Door Cylinders, Hardware and Cockpit Details.
You opt to choose between a painted plane or not and or add the pylons set. Also a good addition is the fan set to add a more realistic look to the plane

You may also choose several other options  to complete  your kit  for an additional cost like (Please Contact us for these options)

  • Scale pilot figure: 45 euros
  • BVM UAT: 50 euros
  • Servos: 9x Savox SH-1250MG + 2x Savox SA1256: 310 euros

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