A-10 WARTHOG (SkyEmaster) - Shipping included


Introducing SkyEmaster with the notorious A-10 Warthog
Fly Low!!! HIT HARD. Also known as the Tank Killer
We are proud to Bring you one of the Best A-10s out there to live the thrill of the Thunderbolt
Scaled down 1:7.75 retaining Great detail the EDF A-10 streches at 2083mm length and spans out at 2245mm (88.4"). it could be powered by 2 EDF units from 105-125mm with 5-8kgs of thrust each. 
Requires 11-13 servos (if installing manual airvalves) and has a total flying weight with the batteries of 15-16kgs depending on your setup.
You can choose from 9 Different paint Schemes or order it with all white gelcoat ready to be painted by you

There are several variants with options to choose but you are welcome to contact us with your own selection of options
If choosing to have Landing gears the AIR Kit is included in the price
Extras installed option include Gear Door Set installed Hardware kit (Gold-N--Clevises) and a Detailed Cockpit
Shipping costs are included.

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