The Gryphon EVO is a jet that fits into the category of “Sport Jet-Trainer”, produced by the Italian company Redwings.
Its flight characteristic makes this aircraft particularly suitable for beginners and it shows is best for expert pilots.

The technology has been developed to achieve the most lightweight in his class. Its weight ready to fly dry, range from 8 to 9.5 kg, and is particularly suitable for turbines with thrust from 6 to 10 kg.

The frame weight of the model is 3,600 kg. only.

The Gryphon EVO is made entirely in composite materials with a wide use of “ Pre Preg “ tissues, carbon and sandwich technology. The technique of the construction is very sophisticated, moulded at high temperatures, and high pressure during the lamination process, makes this aircraft unique. This technology, called TVS, ” Thermo Vacuum System”, makes this particular model lighter and more robust than any competitor. The rigidity is incredible!
The only one made with “ autoclave molding technology “ using prepregs
The Gryphon EVO including the fuselage is completely built in sandwich, with the use of the original AIREX.

The flight of the Gryphon EVO is relative slow even at maximum of the engine, but at the same time, very precise.
The take-off run is very short as well as the landing manoeuvre, the Gryphon EVO needs just few meters to stop.

Is completely painted in the mould and as you can see, thanks to every color schemes studied, is very visible in flight at any situation.

The Gryphon EVO is available in 6 colour schemes, or can be assembled entirely white, for pilots who want to personalize their Gryphon EVO or for those wanting a high performance model, but at lower cost.

The Gryphon EVO is also available with electric landing gears.
The Gryphon EVO is an ARF model; the working time to bring it in flight is about 10/15 hours. Everything is assembled with care and precision. Our quality system is running very rigorous; every model is checked before placing the models on the market.

The choice of materials is excellent; every materials used for the construction are selected and certified, RedWings policy is “quality first”.

Additionally you can choose to have install our Full Electric Retracts  Electric Brakes and Struts

More details can be found HERE

 *Price includes fuel tank and Thrust pipe

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