ALL NEW!!! PUMA Turbine v.3 ( ACE60 Autorestart)


The Puma Engine Kero Start Turbine and a Great Powerplant for your XXX and ViperJet and also for the Feibao Velox G2 , P60 F5E and P60 Hawk.

Maybe the Best option at it’s size for those who like to keep their planes light and easy to handle.
The turbine has an exhaust inner cone and has the temperature sensor installed internally for some clean outer case
Now comes with an ALL new ECU and colour Display!

Very economical and with limited LIFETIME WARRANTY it will sure put a smile on your face.
v.3 New Turbine wheel made in USA
v.3 Coming soon with autorestart system with it’s own making of ECUs
**European import fees included
***Now also known as ACE60 being used in new foam RTF jets the new Turbine has the autorestart System with ECU of their own production


Max thrust: 6.7 kg at 160,000 U / min
Weight: 850gr
All up Weight (Turbine, ECU, Fuel Pump Harness): 1020gr
Diameter: 83mm  
Length: 223mm
Exhaust gas temperature: 612 °
Minimum Speed: 50,000 r / min.
Consumption: 168ml at full throttle
Fuel: Kerosene Jet A1 + 5% turbine oil
Service interval: 25 hours
Service fee 300usd including shipping