Jet-Teng L-39 for 110mm EDF or 5-6kgs Turbine (Turbine friendly)


This is the Brand New Jet Teng L-39

One of the most popular scale jets in RC

Long awaited but now available for you to order. It will come in 4 paint schemes as launching options.

Built with the known very high quality composite material of Jet Teng and one of the nicest finish we’ve seen on models so far

The Jet Teng L-39 has a length of 1750mm and wingspan of 1360mm

Will accept a 110-120mm EDF unit or a 5-6kgs Turbine. Our Puma-65 is a perfect fit for this model

A Thrust pipe and fuel tank will be available very soon or you can opt to choose what you want to install

You have the option to have the electric retracts of Jet Teng and the scale retracts with the newly Electric brakes

The nose steering also features a new design which mounts the steering servo on the strut.
Note that this is the firs Jet Teng model to come out turbine friendly directly from factory.   

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