Speed 13


The Jet Italia Turbines have arrived in Jet Thrust Models
We looked a lot and we Bring you one of the Best Turbines out there. Extremely High Quality with Amazing and most of all Innovative features like Big range of lipos 2-3s, Normal Run under minimum Voltage, Telemetry and GPS on the Hornet-3 ECU and brushless started motor.
The Specifications are unmatched. Very lightweight Very powerful, and Efficient at the same time

The Physical Specs are:

Diameter  108mm
Lenght        210mm
Weight       1128g
Min Thrust >Idle 35000 rpm >4,0N * 
Max Thrust > Flight 123000 >140N* 

Fuel Consumption 410cl/min * (just 328g/m)

Max EGT 700°C

EGT max continous 610°C @ 123000 rpm

* 15°C 1013.25 hPa

The  ECU Feautures

Kerosene Start Up

15 Acceleration Ramp

Normal Run Below Min Volts

Big range Power (LI-PO 2S or 3S) Kit GPS

Telemetry  2,4GHz

On-line Monitoring  Data Turbine to Survey Turbine Health and Prevent Engine Problems


-NEW Brushless Starter
-Combustion Camber INCONEL600 Injection lines
-Injection Lines Stainless steel AISI
-Al 7075
-O-Ring in Viton Material
-Two ball Bearing GMN
-NGV and Turbine Wheels Made in Swiss with Warranty Certificate
-New Technology Improved Combustion Chamber to Increase the Efficiency and Speed of Thrust


The Full Package Includes

isplay LCD
-Fuel Pump
-2 Solenoide Valve
-Wire Set
-I/o Board
-LiPo Battery
-Turbine Mount Inox
-Tubes 3 mm & 4mm
-Fuel  Filter

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