F-16 (Shipping Included)


The Feibao F-16 is a Huge 1:6th scale model
It Spans out at 1650mm and has a length of 2400mm 

Special attention to Detail  is given for this Very Very popular Jet.

Constructed by Feibaos  Airex composite material it is very lightweight for the size.

The Latest Models are Featuring Scale Speed Brakes, and leading Edge Slats to seriously help with the landing. 


You opt to choose between 11 (ELEVEN!!!) Different colour Schemes that you can see in the pictures

A 16kgs+ Turbine is recommended for this model if you are going “Full Armed”

Three turbines that we offer are recommended for this model. The two Kingtechs K170G and K180G And the new Puma23 which puts out 23.5Kgs of Thrust with the exact same specs as the Notorious AMT Olympus.

As most of our Feibao models The F-16 will be offered in the following two packages and with he option to get it as RTF or build everything yourself

Basic Package:

  • F-16 Painted (Airex Fuse)
  • Scale Landing Gear
  • Thrust Pipe
  • Gear door Cylinders/Hinges


Full Package

  • F-16 Painted (Airex Fuse)
  • Scale Landing Gear
  • Thrust Pipe
  • Gear Door Cylinders/Hinges
  • Scale Cockpit
  • Scale Canopy
  • Missiles Set
  • Speed Brakes


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