NEWS/ANNOUNCEMENTS September 06 2014

Importand announcement: JTM Cyprus Announces that Until Further Notice we won't be Selling the Kingtech Turbines. We were never a direct distributor of the Turbines as most of our customers already know. We were Just resellers and sourcing our stock from local Distributors. It is our legal right as we do business within a country of the European Union and covered by European Law to trade, sale and do transactions in ANY country of the European Union and Any product could also be transferred to any other country without any extra fee having to be implied when the specific products fee has been paid in ANY country of the EU. After an incident where a non Cyprus Resident visited our base country (Cyprus) and bought a product from us and registered it back in his homeland. Kingtech Turbines Decided that we have traded in some other KT distributors area. This has never happened as we here at Jet and Thrust Models our main point is to have a good relationship with other dealers and online shops also.
We will try to sort this out as soon as possible. Furthermore while we try to cover our range of products with all the necessarry equipment needed to complete their Models we will soon announce another brand of Turbines to cover all the sizes of our planes. We will also make effortsd to resolve the issue with Kingtech and our distributor as it was never an intention to violate any policy and we have never done so.
Additionally those who have already bought their Turbines from Us will still be allowed their discount code for their Skymaster, Feibao, JTM, Pirotti, C&C models.
Soon we will announce our next brands of Turbines that we will offer.